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Academos comments management policy

The policy we apply in managing comments on the site :

1. The blogger’s firsts comments will be approved automatically without the intervention of moderators.

2. After that, should one of the blogger’s comment be deleted, we may decide to moderate each of that blogger’s comments. No message will be sent to the blogger to justify the deletion.

3. The blogger can always submit a modified version of the comment or defend it by e-mailing us directly. In this event, the blogger will receive an answer.

4. Here are the minimum characteristics that comments must have in order to be approved:

    • Identified by the name of the author and e-mail address at which he or she can be reached
    • Written in correct English or French
    • Connected to the topic of the articl

5. Here is what is forbidden in comments:

  • Language considered to be aggressive, arrogant, impolite, defamatory; or language that provokes bloggers or any other group in society in general
  • A personal attack
  • Irrelevant to the topic of the article
  • Chat
  • A post that is too long for potential readers
  • Too many consecutive comments from the same blogger
  • Spam
  • Advertising

As you can see, we invite you to comment on our articles as freely as possible. We hope at the same time that the blog remains a civil forum for the exchange of opinion. Please identify yourself when you comment.

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your comments!

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