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PRESS RELEASE: new e-mentoring services

Academos launches new e-mentoring services to encourages young Quebeckers to stay in school

Montreal, Quebec, September 23, 2010.
Academos takes direct action with young Quebeckers by giving them access to the working world by means of the Internet. Today, Academos is proud to present new e-mentoring services that will greatly increase the students’ opportunities for contact:

  • Mentor profiles, so as to provide a human and realistic view of actual career paths. “And to think that being refused admission to med school became an opportunity for me to discover one of my greatest passions—speech therapy!
  • My dream job, so as to let young people share their dream career and to find out how many other people share their interest and why others have this interest.
  • Videos on occupations and professions, so as to give a realistic description of Quebec’s future occupations.

Academos continues to offer its e-mentoring service in secondary schools and Cegeps. Last year some 18,000 young people signed up for the service. Imagining what it is like to be practising an occupation and to be talking about it and discussing the various aspects involved, while at the same time receiving the support of family and friends—all these will make it easier for our young people to make career choices. Young people who choose a career that corresponds to their interests are much more motivated to finish the schooling that will enable them to reach their goal. Academos is proud to again find innovative solutions while attaining its mission: to inspire young people, by the community and for the community.
Anyone who works and who would like to make a difference in a young person’s life can become involved by going to

About Academos

Academos supports young people in their career choices by putting them in contact with people active in the working world. Our main service is e-mentoring: some 18,000 young people benefited from being in touch with an e-mentor last year. Academos is a project of the Corporation Éducentre de Bois-de-Boulogne and is part of the Quebec government’s 2009–2014 Youth Action Strategy. Academos promotes staying in school and to facilitate choosing a career. Academos also receives financial support from several corporate partners including the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec.

Media contact
Marysol Rouzier
Head of Communications
514-332-3006, ext. 6265

PHOTOS available upon request.
INTERVIEWS possible with e-mentors and with Catherine Légaré, Founder of Academos and winner of the 2009 Arista award of Young Socially Responsible Quebec Business Leader.

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