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« Coup de coeur » for the students at the Genesis program

The students at the Genesis program at Lindsay Place High School in Pointe Claire took part in the official hooked on school week kickoff  in Montreal, on Monday February 14. Indeed, the Montreal hooked on school organization launched the week program and a Skype conference was to take place simultaneous to announce the slogan of the week, Hooked on school I’ m in!  At the last minute, the skype conference had to be cancelled. Quickly the students, the teachers Sylvie Jackson and Trever Potter and the program responsible work study Antoinette Scarano “Work Study Coordinator for school board commission at LBPSB” and Jackie Percs “Work-study animator at Lindsay Place high school proposed to create a short video.

Thanks to the technical support of Trever Potter and Eric Perreault-Chamberland, the project took place in the class. The video presents Lauren and Rebeccah comments and internship experiences, as well as a small setting with all the student declaring they are « in » the Hooked on school week.

The Genesis program students are working one day a week in a work-study placement of their choice. Several students are also taking part in the Academos ementoring program. At this point 22 students  in the Genesis program are from grade 10 and 11. More than half of the group will be graduating this year.

Cheer for the students at Lindsay Place High School hooked on the Genesis program!
Cheer for the principal, the teachers, the animators that have setup the program!
Anne Farrell

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