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New services to help young people find their way!

On September 23, Academos launched three new services:

  • Mentor profiles, for a more human view of actual career paths.
  • My dream job, an interactive tool whereby young people can describe their dream job and then discover how many others are interested in the trade or occupation that excites them, and why.
  • Some videos about trades and occupations, providing realistic descriptions of future trades and occupations in Quebec.

We are pleased to announce that this site now includes more than 50 mentor profiles. As well, some 600 young people have contributed their dream career. Here are some examples:

I want to show children that learning can be interesting and fun. I want to be available to my pupils, helping them to understand and to grow. I don’t care about the holidays that come with this profession. I want only to help young people succeed in life.

Elementary teacher

I would like to create fictional worlds, construct characters, invent stories, develop plots, and play with language. To be a writer is not merely a dream for me but rather it is a need and an ambition to be able to share what I create, to critique, to stir things up, to create emotions with nouns, verbs, and letters.


Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser. Hair styles always fascinated me, and I think that hair is immensely important. In a word, I love hairdressing!


For a year I have been taking a first aid course with the cadets, and I liked to help people suffering from an injury or illness. To become a paramedic is really what I want to do.


I have always wanted to be a physiotherapist. I have been dreaming about it since Secondary II. I once had an accident and I had to see a physiotherapist for several weeks. That’s when I discovered THE career for me! I am working hard to attain this goal, and I hope to succeed in this!


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